Margo Rey

Ron's wife and top Billboard charting singer/songwriter. Took Ron 20 years to land Margo

Ron White

Multi-Platinum selling comedian and leader of the Rontourage.


In love with Pearl and jealous of Ron.


In love with Ron.

Black Grouse Scotch

Ron's drink of choice.


Alex Reymundo

Ron's brother-in-law, wildly successful comedian and trouble-maker. Latest comedy special called 'The Red-Nexican'. Friend of Ron's for 26 years and attended Ron's first comedy performance. Sometimes opens for Ron.


Michael Blakey

Ron's Manager, upper-crust British snob, the complete opposite of Ron. Previously President of 2k Sounds/Virgin Records. Notorious for his three rows of shark teeth in power-deals. Nicknamed "The Negotiator".


Pat McCullum

Ron's bus driver/bodyguard, built the tour bus and has driven many major celebrities busses. Now driving exclusively for Ron. Don't mess with Pat.


John O'Connell

Friend of Ron's for 20 years and sometimes opens the shows for Ron. Captures the memorable moments on film for the Rontourage episodes. Often has to destroy incriminating evidence caught on film.


Steve Cooke

Ron's best friend since the age of six years old and also Ron's Tour Manager. Ended up in jail many times with Ron. Currently permitted to leave the state of Texas.

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